The HealthAdvocacy™ Program: It’s Our Health promotes health equity for people with disability (Evidence-informed Training).

After completing this training, the learner will have an overview of the following issues experienced by people with disability:

  1. Structural / Social Determinants of Health (S/SDOH): Understanding Disparities in Healthcare Access
    Learning Objective: Describe health advocacy and the importance of multi-level advocacy approaches to assess/understand S/SDOH to access settings–based healthcare.
  2. Health and Social Justice: Uprooting Structural and Systemic Bias and Ableism
    Learning Objective: Delineate strategies to advocate accessible healthcare to uproot systemic bias and ableism experienced by individuals within healthcare systems.
  3. Universal Access to Health: Developing Disability Cultural Humility
    Learning Objective: Apply strategies to incorporate accessibility and disability cultural humility across all healthcare practices and services.

HealthAdvocacy Training Citations and Resources

HealthAdvocacy Training Healthcare Stories from People with Disability