Healthy Brain Initiative for People with IDD Strategies

Educate and Empower people with IDD (with and without dementia) and their supports (paid and unpaid caregivers, and stakeholders) about brain health.

  • Healthy Brain Webinar Series
  • Healthy Brain Videos
  • Nutritional and Dietary Guidelines
  • ID and Dementia Information Package
  • HealthMatters Program Train-the-Trainer
  • NTG Dementia Workshops
  • Develop and maintain Healthy Brain interactive and accessible website

Embed evaluation into training and caregiving support programs to determine program accessibility, affordability, effectiveness, and impact.

Mobilize Partnerships to implement the Road Map and increase number of people reached.

  • GWEP Geriatric
  • CEU Modules
  • Dementia Guide Expert
  • Development and adoption of state-level multi-component policies that address cognitive health, healthy brain initiative, and the impact of ADRD among PwIDD and their caregivers within community-based organizations and communities
  • Implementation of screenings among older people with IDD who are at-risk of or affected by dementia
  • Establishment of services and policies that promote supportive communities and workplaces for people with IDD who have dementia
  • Dissemination of social care practice guidelines by community organizations and professionals

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