Communicating COVID-19 Updates to People with IDD, Caregivers, and Stakeholders

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Date and time: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 1:00 pm CDT
Duration: 1 hour and 1 minute
Handouts: PowerPoint Presentation-Maggie Hassler, Communicating COVID-19 Webinar Takeaway Resource

Overview: This presentation will provide an overview on strategies to establish preparedness communication plans for people with IDD, team, families, and community. Providing an inside look at one agency’s approach to multiple modalities and universal messaging for unique audiences.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand the development of an organizational infrastructure to prepare employees for disruption due to COVID-19;
  2. Discuss preparedness communication plans for people with IDD, team, families, and community; and,
  3. Delineate best approaches to universal messaging for people with IDD, employees, families, and community during COVID-19 pandemic.

Presenter: Maggie Hassler is the Director of Executive Communications at Aspire highly skilled at achieving fast growth and big wins by aligning organizational vision with messaging and strategy. Offer specialized expertise in acquisition planning and strategic partnering to drive growth and achieve measurably greater impact. Committed to affirming and respecting the emotions, ideas, and perspectives of others to enrich communication, increase engagement, and enhance problem-solving and decision-making.


COVID-19 Webinar Series is presented by the HealthMatters Program, Department of Disability and Human Development, College of Applied Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago with continued partnership with Project SEARCH, a leader in securing competitive employment for people with disabilities based at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and with Aspire an Illinois organization providing services to children and adults with developmental disabilities, their families and their communities.


  • There is no cost for these webinars.
  • CEUs are not offered for these webinars.
  • Webinars and materials will be recorded and archived on YouTube.
  • For disability accommodations email Jasmina Sisirak ( at least 10 days before the webinars.
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