Certain Medical Conditions and Risk for Severe COVID-19 Illness

Symptoms, testing, what to do if sick, daily activities, and more.

Source: CDC

Summary of Recent Changes

Revisions were made on December 23, 2020 to reflect recent data supporting increased risk of severe illness among persons with Down syndrome from the virus that causes COVID-19. Revisions also include addition of sickle cell disease and chronic kidney disease to the conditions that might increase the risk of severe illness among children.

We are learning more about COVID-19 every day. This updated list of underlying medical conditions is not exhaustive and only includes conditions with sufficient evidence to draw conclusions; it is a living document that may be updated at any time, subject to potentially rapid change as the science evolves. This list is meant to inform clinicians to help them provide the best care possible for patients, and to inform individuals about their level of risk so they can make individual decisions about illness prevention. Notably, the list may not include every condition that might increase one’s risk for developing severe illness from COVID-19, such as those for which evidence may be limited (e.g., rare conditions). Individuals with any underlying medical condition (including those conditions that are NOT on the current list) should consult with their healthcare providers about personal risk factors and circumstances to determine whether extra precautions are warranted.

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