The Intersection of Intellectual Disability and Dementia: Report of The International Summit on Intellectual Disability and Dementia

Karen Watchman, PhD and Matthew P Janicki, PhD (Members of the International Summit on Intellectual Disability and Dementia)

The Gerontologist, gnx160,
02 November 2017


An International Summit on Intellectual Disability and Dementia, held in Glasgow, Scotland (October 13–14, 2016), drew individuals and representatives of numerous international and national organizations and universities with a stake in issues affecting adults with intellectual disability (ID) affected by dementia. A discussion-based consensus process was used to examine and produce a series of topical reports examining three main conceptual areas: (a) human rights and personal resources (applications of the Convention for Rights of People with Disabilities and human rights to societal inclusion, and perspectives of persons with ID), (b) individualized services and clinical supports(advancing and advanced dementia, post-diagnostic supports, community supports and services, dementia-capable care practice, and end-of-life care practices), and (c) advocacypublic impactfamily caregiver issues(nomenclature/terminology, inclusion of persons with ID in national plans, and family caregiver issues). Outcomes included recommendations incorporated into a series of publications and topical summary bulletins designed to be international resources, practice guidelines, and the impetus for planning and advocacy with, and on behalf of, people with ID affected by dementia, as well as their families. The general themes of the conceptual areas are discussed and the main recommendations are associated with three primary concerns.

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