Introduction to HealthMatters@24/7

These three (3), one (1) hour self-paced online modules will enhance your knowledge and understanding of your role in implementing the evidence-based HealthMatters Program and the importance of health promotion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be healthy. In addition, you will explore the purposes, uses, and characteristics of the following Strategic Plans for Quality Improvement, Program and Lesson Plans, and Program Evaluation.

This continuing educational activity was developed and is presented by Jasmina Sisirak, PhD, MPH, Research Assistant Professor, Beth Marks, PhD, RN, FAAN, Research Associate Professor at the University of Illinois, and Ryan Murphy, MPH.
The three (3) – one hour (1) self-paced modules are:
1 ) Culture of Health
2) Health Lifestyles
3) Healthy People

Module selection:
CEUs and Certification
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