Life Expectancy for People with IDD

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People with IDD who have lived 30-50 years with a disability are experiencing new health concerns.

  1. Syndrome and Gender Related Conditions
    • People with IDD now have health concerns related to disability, aging, and aging with a disability.
    • Men and women with IDD who have syndrome-related conditions may be predisposed to certain health conditions related to their type of disability.
      Down Syndrome: Hypothyroidism and Alzheimer’s Disease
      Fragile X: Heart Problems
      Prader-Willi: Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes
      Cerebral Palsy: Reduced Mobility, Bone Demineralization
      Epilepsy: Osteoporosis
  2. Where People Live Matters
    • Social support and environment influences our ability to make health choices that impact health status.
    • Caregiver education enhances health behaviors.
    • Caregiver attitudes increase healthy food choices and physical activity.
    • Caregiver encouragement improves lifestyle choices.
    • Access to Health Services
  3. Access Matters: Factors Impacting Health Promotion and Healthcare
    • Programmatic Infrastructure.
    • Attitudes (e.g., health care professionals acquire basic disability education).
    • Physical Accommodations.
    • Communication Accommodations.
    • Economic Resources.
    • Health Literacy.
  4. Health Behaviors
    Individual health behaviors can prevent the onset of the following chronic conditions:

    • Cancer
    • Diabetes
    • Heart disease
    • Obesity
    • Stroke
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