HealthMatters Program Research to Practice

Topic Progress:

HealthMatters™ Program (HMP) engages community and academic partners to implement health promoting policies and practices for people with intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) – reaching over 10,000 individuals and caregivers in 33 states and 9 countries.

People in the HealthMatters Program see results that matter!

  • In 2002, we began partnering with a variety of community partners on multiple health-related studies to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of health-related and health promotion programs in the communities where people with IDD live, work, and recreate. The HealthMatters Program: Train-the-Trainer Instructor’s Course launched in 2003 through 2008.
  • This study showed significant improvements in psychosocial and physiological health status, knowledge and self-efficacy, and fitness.
  • Results support the efficacy of a health promotion program in CBOs to improve health among adults with IDD.

With a culture of health, people with IDD and their supports can acquire information to manage and improve their health and health outcomes.

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