Scale-Up Initiatives

We offer several programs to scale up in your state, community, or organization. Contact us if you are interested in any program.

HealthMatters™ Program: Certified Instructor Workshop Webinar

Implement the HealthMatters™ Program (HMP) within your state or organization. HMP is a tested, evidence-based (1) HealthMatters™ Program: Certified Instructor Workshop Webinar (HMP-TtT), (2) Health Matters: The Exercise and Nutrition Health Education Curriculum for People with Developmental Disabilities, and (3) a 12-Week HealthMatters™ Program (12-Week-HMP) that aims to improve health behaviors and health status of people with IDD across the lifespan.

Health Advocacy: It's Our Health!

Promote health for people with disabilities and advocate for political, economic, social, cultural, environmental, behavioral and biological factors that promote health. Advocate for improved health care for people with IDD by understanding the unique experiences and the needs of people with IDD

HealthMessages: Peers Supporting Peers

Learn with your peers to change health behaviors.

HealthAlert: Signs and Symptoms

Observe (and report) early signs of changes in health to accurately communicate these observations to nursing personnel in CBOs. Establish policies and procedures to promote continuity of health care services and the development targeted health care and health promotion services.

HealthMatters 4 Kids: Today Counts

Prevent diabetes and other chronic conditions through health promotion and advocacy to children and adolescents with IDD through diabetes education and resources for parents, teachers, and health professionals who help to pave the road for a healthy future.

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