New York Daily News has published an op-ed by JAHF President Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN, on “Better Health Care for Older Americans: Our Current System Fails Us As We Age.”

Dr. Fulmer talks about the results of a new consumer survey. “The John A. Hartford Foundation, the philanthropic organization I lead, recently partnered with WebMD to conduct a survey on older people’s health care.” Older adults and their caregivers tend to think that decline and debility are inevitable as we age – but they’re not.

There are factors that should be addressed, such as overmedication and a lack of physical and mental stimulation. Dr. Fulmer points out that there can be “better, more age-friendly care. This starts with patients and their caregivers discussing their health-care and lifestyle goals, preferences and what matters most to them.”

“It’s time for patients, providers and caregivers to embrace a different approach to aging — one that values each older person as an individual with unique needs and desires.”

Photo credit NY Daily News: izusek/Getty Images

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