EARN’s Mental Health Toolkit

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five American adults experiences a mental health condition each year. For many of these individuals, work is a key part of their health and identity, contributing to their sense of purpose and wellbeing.

Source: EARN’s Mental Health Toolkit

That’s why it’s important for employers to understand how to foster a mental health-friendly work culture. Such practices are good for employees, demonstrating your business’s commitment to inclusion and offering workers the support they need to meet their mental health needs. However, these practices also benefit employers by empowering employees to deliver their best on the job.

EARN’s Mental Health Toolkit is a gateway to background, tools and resources that can help employers learn more about mental health issues and cultivate a welcoming and supportive work environment for employees who may be facing mental health issues. It also presents an easy-to-follow framework for fostering a mental health-friendly workplace, all built around the “4 A’s”:  Awareness, Accommodations, Assistance and Access.

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