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Amerigroup is proud to support The Arc of San Antonio

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San Antonio, TX – According to the Centers for Disease Control, adults with disabilities have an almost 60 percent higher rate of obesity than adults without disabilities. The Arc of San Antonio is thrilled to announce that for the second consecutive year, it will be receiving a grant from Anthem Foundation to support the Health and Fitness for All project. This grant was made possible, thanks to an almost $88,000 national grant from Amerigroup’s parent company foundation, which will be used to conduct this health project at nine chapters of The Arc in Texas, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. The mission of The Arc is to enrich the lives of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). The Arc of San Antonio operates two day activity centers in San Antonio and works with over 200 adults with I/DD on a daily basis.

“Amerigroup is proud to support The Arc of San Antonio and is dedicated to working to help ensure that Texans of all abilities have programs in their communities that will help ensure they lead healthy lifestyles,” said Tisch Scott, Amerigroup Texas president.

The Health and Fitness for All project utilizes the HealthMatters™ curriculum, which is a training developed by the University of Illinois at Chicago that provides structured information on how to organize and start a tailored physical activity and health education program for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

In the first year of the grant, The Arc of San Antonio worked with local Amerigroup officials and Methodist Healthcare Ministries, which supports The Arc’s nursing program, to administer the HealthMatters curriculum to 53 individuals! The curriculum implements a 12-week program which helps increase participants’ knowledge about the importance of healthy eating and staying active.

This year, in collaboration with The YMCA, The Arc will target 75 individuals in underserved areas of San Antonio for the HealthMatters program. “We are excited about the prospect of expanding this sustainable program outside of our four walls and look forward to making a lasting impact on these new participants and their families,” said Marissa Herrera, RN at The Arc of San Antonio, who is coordinating the program locally.

“Leading a healthy lifestyle is difficult for everyone, including people with I/DD. The Arc is fortunate to have the generous support of the Anthem Foundation so we can continue to provide education and resources that will help people with I/DD make healthier decisions in their daily lives,” said Peter Berns, CEO of The Arc.


Editor’s Note: The Arc is not an acronym; always refer to us as The Arc, not The ARC and never ARC. The Arc should be considered as a title or a phrase.

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