Waiting for health equity: A graphic novel

About the Project

Today, we can accurately predict a Coloradan’s health outcomes and access to health care based on factors like their race, income, or ZIP code. This is unacceptable, because it means that people of color, Coloradans with less economic opportunity, those living in communities with fewer resources, and others, face increased barriers to good health simply due to their life circumstances. How did this happen?

Colorado—just like the rest of the US—has a long, well-documented history of oppressive policies and practices that have led to significant, persistent, and preventable health disparities, or differences in health outcomes across certain groups. In order to tackle these injustices, we must understand their root causes, such as institutional racism (the policies and practices within institutions that, intentionally or not, produce outcomes that negatively impact people of color) and poverty. Waiting for Health Equity is a graphic novel that aims to start new conversations about the complex challenges Colorado faces in working toward health equity.

Use these supplementary materials to structure your conversations:

For more information or to request a printed copy, please contact our Director of Communications, Sarah McAfee.

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