Can I Be a Nurse if I Have Concerns with Manual Dexterity or Have only One Hand?

Can I Be a Nurse if I Have Concerns with Manual Dexterity or Have One Hand?

Absolutely! NOND has contact with nurses who have practiced as a nurse with one hand for over 25 years. Use the resources below and work with your college’s or university’s Disability Services Officer to request accommodations. Be creative when designing accommodations – as long as certain principles are followed, the ways in which tasks are done may become negotiable. With respect to technical tasks, there may be more than one way to do them. If you need specific suggestions, contact NOND to speak with one of our experts. See Danielle’s story, a successful nurse in practice.

Please explore our website for resources in regard to education, advocacy, and work. For assistance with the ADA, contact the Americans with Disabilities Act Technical Assistance Centers. Learning about the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 will help you to understand how the ADAAA broadens coverage for many individuals.

For protection, advocacy, and legal assistance, contact your state National Disability Rights Network. Be sure to click on your state so that you get relevant and timely information. Also check out your rights under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

For connections with people with disabilities in your community, contact your local Center for Independent Living.

Some nursing programs may be more receptive to you than others. If you have the opportunity, talk to current students or to nursing faculty about a selected program’s record of accommodating students with disabilities. Also, meet with the Disability Services Officer to discuss entrance requirements and your expected access to accommodations.

Disclaimer: The National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities (NOND) does not offer legal advice but NOND does offer resources to help you understand your rights, protections, and responsibilities within various Disability Rights Laws.

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