Making Choices As We Age: A Peer Training Program

Making Choices As We Age: A Peer Training Program (1996). Heller, T., Preston, L., Nelis, T., Brown, A. & Pederson, E.

This is a curriculum for training persons with disabilities and their co-trainers how to teach other adults with mental retardation about: choice making, rights and responsibilities, how to make healthy choices, and things to do in their free time. The Trainer’s Guide uses a “train-the-trainer” approach so the persons with disabilities who are trainers and their co-trainers can learn how to teach effectively and how to administer each module. The Coordinator’s Guide provides guidelines for administering the training program and for building support for peer trainers and the other participants who they, in turn, train.

COST PER UNIT: $55.00 for Trainer’s Guide and Coordinator’s Guide+Shipping
(Additional Trainer’s Guides are $25.00 each)

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