HealthMatters Program Scale Up Initiative: Getting the Memo

The HealthMatters Program is a health promotion initiative aimed at improving health and health promotion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) throughout the states of Alaska, Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri.

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HealthMatters CAP Team attends APHA in Boston

Boston, MA

The HealthMatters Team attends the
141st American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Expo on November 2-6, in Boston, MA. Check out our Presentations.

Monday, November 4, 2013
Efficacy of a HealthMessages peer to peer program for people with intellectual disabilities by Beth Marks

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
HealthMatters community academic partnership: Creating tools for community action among people with developmental disabilities and their supports by Beth Marks

The NM HealthMatters CAP Team Hosted the NM Statewide Affiliate Meeting

Albuquerque, New Mexico

ARCA hosted the NM HealthMatters™ CAP Conference (January 10-11, 2013) in Albuquerque, NM, where community-based organizations (CBO) from four NM regions met to discuss health promotion capacity. The affiliates are a statewide network improving the health of people with DD, their service, and regulatory systems. Individuals with disabilities, staff, and family members from affiliates convened with ARCA, Dina Donohue and Kristin Krok from NorthPointe Resources, Dr. Lisa Cacari-Stone from the University of New Mexico, and Dr. Beth Marks and Dr. Jasmina Sisirak from the University of Illinois at Chicago to tell stories, learn from each other, and set organizational goals for health promotion based on a comprehensive HealthMatters Assessment of current organizational status.

Self-advocates from each CBO hit the mark practice teaching the new
Peer-to-Peer HealthMessages Program! Chelsea Oppenheim a Healthy Lifestyle Coach from ACES at ARCA demonstrated a group HealthMessages session with her peers: Ernesto, Kipper, Sam, Wendy, and Pam. Huge thanks to Holli Fields and Jeanne Desjardins for helping ACES participate. Jeff Foster, Rolley Longley, Tom Pino, and Mark Hirvisalo, who receive ARCA’s services, were role models at the conference.

NM affiliates that will support health promotion in their organization/region with technical support form the NM CAP Team (ARCA) include Silver Lining Services (NW), Santa Lucia (NE), Tresco, Inc. (SW), and Tobosa Developmental Services (SE). The NM CAP Team provided affiliates with teaching tools, equipment, and books to support their programs under the grant.

HealthMatters CAP Team attends APHA in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

The HealthMatters CAP Team attended the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting on October 27-October 31, in San Francisco, CA. Check out our Presentation on HealthMatters Community Academic Partnership for People with Developmental Disabilities.

HealthMatters CAP Team presents at IASSID

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
The HealthMatters Team attends the 2012 International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities (IASSID) on July 9-14, 2012, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Check out our Presentations.

July 10, 2012
Health Promotion Program: Tools for Community Action by Beth Marks
Community Nutrition: Framing the Concept, Reviewing the Evidence by Jasmina Sisirak

July 13
Food for Thought: Nutrition Knowledge of Paid Caregivers in Community by Jasmina Sisirak
What About Staff: Impact of HealthMatters Train-the-Trainer for Direct Support Professionals by Beth Marks

Three HealthMatters Train the Trainer Workshops held around New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico

HealthMatters CAP New Mexico Team, Leslie Hoelzel and Arielle Bernier Oetzel conducted three Train the Trainer Workshop: Becoming a Certified Instructor in New Mexico in July. Thirty-six total participants attended the workshops. Trainings were held at ARCA in Albuquerque, Silver Linings in Grants, and Tresco in Las Cruces. Some participants traveled as far as Mesa, Arizona.

HealthMatters Logo

Kristin Krok presents at Midwest Symposium on Therapeutic Recreation and Adapted Physical Activity

Springfield, Illinois

Kristin Krok presented What Matters? HealthMatters! at Midwest Symposium on Therapeutic Recreation and Adapted Physical Activity. The goals of the presentation were to identify the importance of incorporating health promotion activities for individuals with I/DD into daily interactions, provide health promotion strategies that can support individuals with I/DD to make long-term lifestyle changes and identify existing health promotion programs for individuals with ID.