Health Fairs

AID Launches "Cruise to Wellness" using HealthMatters Program

Introducing The Association for Individual Development (AID), our HealthMatters CAP Affiliate in Illinois!

To launch their new health promotion initiative, the AID Wellness Committee invited all AID clients and staff to embark on a virtual “Cruise to Wellness” on September 25, 2012. The embarkation was held at two central AID sites and was designed to generate excitement for clients and staff about improving their overall health through simple daily exercises, drinking more water and engaging in the
HealthMatters Program (clients) and Weight Watchers at Work (staff). More than 350 people attended and were energized and excited about improving their health!

The event was replete with tropical décor, a large cardboard cruise ship, portholes, beach chairs and seashells. Cruise passengers received flowered leis, a passport to wellness and a reusable water bottle to promote increased hydration as a crucial first step to better health. They learned about naturally flavoring water with lemons, limes and/or cucumbers to make it more refreshing; reducing sugar intake; making healthy food choices; and the benefits of quitting smoking. Clients and staff participated in blood pressure screenings, pulse oximeter checks, and joined in some simple exercises designed for every skill level (chair exercises, hopscotch, hula hoop, Tai Chi).

AID intends to shift the culture of the organization to one where healthy lifestyle choices are embraced by clients and staff. Health education and daily exercise will become a part of nearly every AID program. The AID Wellness Committee plans to sponsor mini-events each quarter to help keep people engaged.

For more information, please contact
Sue Quillin, RN, MS, CDDN
Director of Health Services and Quality Improvement.

Over 500 Visitors to Our Booth at AccessChicago!

Chicago, IL


AccessChicago was held at Navy Pier on Thursday July 19 and is hosted by the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities. The expo promotes the independence and inclusion of people with all types of disabilities by showcasing Chicago’s wide range of accessible venues, products and services.  It is free and open to the public.  The audience included people with disabilities, people from disability/advocacy organizations, advocates and family members, researchers, practitioners, business groups (for profit and non-profit).
HealthMatters CAP was one of over 200 booths at
Access Chicago.