HealthMatters takes center stage at Bridgeway

Introducing Bridgeway, our HealthMatters CAP Affiliate in Illinois!

On Thursday November 8, 2012 consumers, staff, and community supporters gathered together at Lake Storey Pavilion in Galesburg, Illinois for Bridgeway’s annual Recovery Celebration. Health Promotion is a strategic initiative of Bridgeway this year. The HealthMatters theme was introduced as they began to integrate the importance of total wellness into this year’s celebration.

Bill Nelson, Bridgeway’s Chief Operating Officer, kicked off the day with an inspiring introduction highlighting the HealthMatters theme. “We are working very hard to bring about change to the systems of both healthcare and behavioral healthcare and we all have a stake in this. We can’t just take care of one important area of our lives in an isolated corner somewhere. We know that we can’t achieve the full measure of recovery by focusing on just one thing or one area of our life.” Integration means taking individual parts and bringing them together for one purpose and for health integration, we need to put Mind, Body and Spirit together into a collective whole.

The key note key note speaker for our event was State Representative Don Moffitt. Representative Moffitt was presented with the Legislator of the Year Award in 2009 from Bridgeway, for his outstanding legislative leadership and advocacy in support of community services for people with disabilities. Representative Moffit has undergone a transformation himself over the past year, having lost almost 100 pounds and he shared his story with us. He encouraged all of us to make the personal choice to get healthier.

The Celebration put words into action by offering “real life” healthy living demonstrations.
  • The Celebration began with a walk around beautiful Lake Storey.
  • Zumba dance demonstration.
  • Dr. Harsha Mehta led group in a Qigong relaxation exercise.
  • Chef Bart Smith from a local restaurant En Season demonstrated how to make some simple and healthy dishes.
  • Juice Master Mr. Tom C., mixed together a variety of fruits and veggies to create some nutritious and delicious juices.

November 8, 2012 marked the beginning of a full year of becoming healthier for all of Bridgeway. There will be many opportunities in the upcoming months to take advantage of many HealthMatters activities to learn, grow, change, and improve our total health…because that is what truly matters!